Aaron J Arnold – About

Portrait of Aaron Arnold in a bar in Ireland

My name is Aaron, and I like to party. My party scene, however, is low-key, solitary, and mostly fueled by screen glow and sufficient hydration.

On the Job

As a digital designer, I value putting the user before all else. My favorite challenge involves finding the common ground between marketing and user experience. In this way, I can ensure sales goals are met by satisfying the user rather than selling to them.

With a degree in graphic design from St. Edward’s University and experience in working with small, driven teams, I know how to work nimbly and produce quickly. I have worked with non-profits, churches, and businesses of all sizes. Most recently, I have worked on digital marketing for James Avery Artisan Jewelry, internal process excellence tools for USAA, and B2B marketing tools for HomeAway.

I work well alone as well as part of a team. Collaboration is key to successful design, and I welcome the critique and feedback of my peers. I would love the opportunity to discuss working with you, so please reach out by using the links below.

When I’m Not Working

I love the outdoors, and I love to travel. That probably sounds a bit too much like a Match.com profile, but those are the things that drive me. My wife and I want to travel the world, but so far we have only made it to a handful of countries. I love hiking, biking, camping, climbing, and just generally being outside. I equally enjoy sitting, just listening to the sounds of nature.

I would also consider myself a drummer, except that I haven’t owned a drum set in years. I am looking to change that in the near future. Let me know if you would like to be a part of that change. Music makes me feel alive. It helps me focus, and it distracts me when I need to move on. I would love to sit and discuss all of our favorite musicians.