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At it's core, design is problem-solving. Bring me a problem, and I will help you find the right solution. Below are some examples of common work that I complete and the rates that I charge, but don't assume that your project will fit into any one of these categories. My approach is always based on a solution to your problem or challenge, not a deliverable without purpose.

Brand Identity

Your brand isn't just your logo. Your brand is defined by how people view your organization. It's up to you to take control of your brand, and it starts with creating an identity that permeates your whole team. As a designer, my goal is to help you find and refine your brand through the development of visual elements, voice, and specific actions you can take. While every project will have unique deliverables, a typical identity package will include three logo concepts, three revisions on one of those concepts, a full brand identity packet that defines a color palette, typography, and brand recommendations for voice and photo selection. Packages start at $2,205 and include full assignment of rights on final work.

Web Design

Web design is a broad practice with a lot of elements that go into making you successful. As your web designer, we will explore the strongest ways to drive people to buy, build a web strategy, and execute that strategy with a beautiful, modern website. Web design includes up to five pages of content (additional content billed separately) and starts at $8,750 for a static website or $10,500 for a CMS-based website. You retain full assignment of rights on final work.

Print Design

Sometimes to say it well, you need to write it down. Or at least print it out. Let me help you present the message as you intend through content development, visual design, and print management. Small printed ephemera such as brochures and flyers are priced based on the scope of work and licensing. Books and magazines start at $1,950 but vary based on page count and complexity. Typically, ephemeral work carries a limited use license to keep costs low, while published works are exclusively licensed for reproduction rights.


Consider consultation services if you need guidance on your design strategy moving forward or just want someone on call when you need something done quickly. Consultation services are available at an hourly rate of $80 or through a retainer contract. For retainers, please contact me directly so we can discuss the scope of work.

It's time to get started on your next big project.

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